Wireless Realtime Via Bluetooth, WiFi & The Cloud

A Two Part Webinar Suite Presented By:  Keith Vincent & Reporter Webinars

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The Second Suite In An Important New Series:
Court Reporting And The Cloud


Court reporters providing realtime today are learning that being wire-bound is becoming a problem. The cables used to connect attorneys and clients via a local area serial network are almost as outdated as buggywhips and high-button shoes (though those are making a comeback, we're told). It is becoming harder and harder to find a laptop with a built-in serial port and installing an adapted port is problematic, too. Often attorneys show up with laptops their IT department have locked down, thus making driver installation difficult to impossible, and then there are problems with the drivers and devices themselves. The solution is to move on and, fortunately, the step up to wireless is actually simpler, as you'll learn in this suite. Wirelines are bulkier and weigh more, too, so not only will you find the move easier, you'll carry less around as well.



The three primary ways reporters can "go wireless" are: Bluetooth, WiFi, and the Internet. Bluetooth and WiFi are LANs, Local Area Networks. and are therefore useful only when the attorneys or clients being connected are all in the same room or nearby. The internet is a WAN, a Wide Area Network, and it makes possible connections with clients anywhere. Requests for both are becoming more and more common and, as a bonus, they usually accompany more lucrative work.

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